Using Movie Trailers to Improve your English

About Our Website

We are a group of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers and learners dedicated to helping others more easily learn the language. With our personal experience with EFL, we understand that learning functional English can be difficult for many non-native speakers, and we wanted to provide a resource for both learners and teachers to use in EFL learning.

In the world of EFL, teachers will often recommend that students use English media as a way to accentuate their understanding and use of the language. However, with so much English media available on the internet, choosing quality and usable media can be an overwhelming task. Therefore, we decided to focus on how movie trailers – a fun and easily accessible resource – could be used by learners and teachers to make EFL more interesting and effective.

We decided to examine movie trailers because they add entertainment to an EFL curriculum without costing a dime. Repeated language drills and pre-recorded listening tapes can become repetitive and boring, so using exciting media like movie trailers will help make learning more interesting and lively. Additionally, many of these trailers are available for free on YouTube, so students need not pay more simply to access this media.

Additionally, the accessible dialogue in these trailers make great resources for students to better understand everyday use of the English language. Language taught in classrooms is often highly structured and slow-paced, so it’s important that students learn how to use these skills in the real world. Hearing everyday language through these trailers will thus help prepare them for more advanced conversations with native English speakers.

We therefore wanted to create a guide for students and teachers to wade through the movie trailer content and enable them to more effectively use them on their own or in the classroom. We hope that you have enjoyed learning more about using movie trailers to assist in English learning!